" Antenna Analyzer plus 500 " is a multifunctional measuring instrument, most useful for amateur radio activity. Its size allows you to easily take it for relocation as well. The panel size is 115 x 75 mm fitting into a small box of size eg. 125 x 80 x 25 mm. Its main function is put into effect by the two RF impedance meters - called together the antenna analyzer - which can measure phase true complex impedance between the main antenna poles, ranging from 100kHz to 500MHz. Numeric results are also displayed graphically. In addition to the detailed measurement of antenna parameters, it can be used as an inductance and capacitance meter as well, with which you can measure parts from 10nH or 1pF. Another interesting feature available is spectrum display function, with which you can visualize the full output spectrum of the transmitter within the whole 100kHz to 500MHz frequency interval. The function, which enables the measurement of filters was built in the new version.

Furthermore, the device includes a dual-channel signal generator, which can produce sine signal from 100Hz to 500MHz, freely set for the two independent channels with a frequency resolution of 1 Hz. Moreover, the relative phase shift between signals of the two channels can be controlled by 1 degree increments from 0 to 360 degrees. Perhaps the most interesting part of the instrument is the control and display of measurement results. On the instrument itself, there is no display and no controls, so it can be placed directly on the antenna base point while remote controlled from a distance up to 50m, including evaluation of the results. Control of the instrument is possible using any WiFi enabled device with installed web browser. This could be notebook, tablet or even a smartphone, and the solution adopted is "platform" independent, so it should not matter if the controlling device is running Windows, Linux, Android or iOS operating system.



Synthesizer:                  DDS and PLL

Power:             3.7V/3000mA Li-Ion Battery

Frequency range:          100KHz - 500MHz

Operation time: ~4 hours

Phase:                         0° – 360°

Charge:            5V/400mA

Measured result range:

Charge time:     ~4 hours

Complex impedance:    1Ω – 1000Ω

Interface:          802.11g Wi-Fi certified transceiver

Phase:                         -90° - 90°

CPU:                32bit – 200MHz

Capacitance:                1pF – 10nF

Size:                125x80x25 mm

Inductance:                  10nH – 100uH

Weight:            190g with battery





Block diagram:




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